Volunteer Spotlight: Michaela

Name: Michaela Francis

summer 2014
When did you begin volunteering?

May 2018

What drew you to volunteer at the Hunter House?

I wanted to tap into my love for museums and history in order to keep that spark alive. After being unable to do the graduate program of my dreams I hit an emotional rock bottom, and only recently have I been able to pull myself out of that funk.

What is your favorite item in our collection?

If I have to choose, it’s probably Mrs. Hunter’s teacup collection.

Coffee or Tea?

Depends on my mood!

Favorite period television or movie drama, historic novel, or both.

I don’t have “a” favorite, but there’s a series I’m currently watching that I’m absolutely in looooooooooove with! One of my hobbies is watching (mostly East) Asian movies and dramas. There’s a Chinese historical drama (based on a book) I’m watching called “Legend of Fuyao” about a young woman born from a divine lotus petal who goes on a journey across five kingdoms to collect secret talisman and bring peace to the land.

Do you have a mantra or favorite quote?

Sure don’t! But, I have a collection of memes that I like to use regularly and send to my friends.

Name a hidden talent of yours.

I wouldn’t really call this a talent, but it is hidden in a way since it’s to my advantage to hide it from the general public. I can make this weird “Pterodactyl” noise that most people find amusing.

What has been the highlight of your time as a volunteer with us?

Being able to interpret the actual belongings and living space of the Hunter family.

When not at the museum, you can find me…

Walking around Downtown Norfolk!