Volunteer Spotlight: Gloria

Each month, we would like to highlight some of our docents and bring them to life for each of you. Our docent staff is made up of individuals from far and wide, of varying ages, and diverse backgrounds. We hope you might consider joining our team after learning more about us. Next up- Gloria!

Name: Gloria Eatroff



When did you begin volunteering? 

Honestly, it has been so long I cannot recall- maybe 1999?


What drew you to volunteer at the Hunter House?

I love all things Victorian- have loved it since childhood. I was born at the wrong time!


What is your favorite item in our collection?

The Renaissance Revival bed and the student relaxer chair


Coffee or Tea?

Tea, black with no sugar or cream


Favorite period television or movie drama, historic novel, or both.

I’m a lover of anything Victorian, however, I love “Brooklyn Bridge”- a series from the 1950s.


Do you have a mantra or favorite quote?

“Could be worse!”


Name a hidden talent of yours.

I am a really good worrier- ask my family.


What has been the highlight of your time as a volunteer with us?

The companionship with lots of nice ladies; learning something new each day; collecting more Victorian ‘facts’


Fill in the blank: When not at the museum, you can find me with a book and a cookie or furiously scribbling letters to my children.


Thanks for sharing with us Gloria! If you would like to know more about joining our family of volunteers, call us at 623-9814 or shoot us an email at hhvm1894@gmail.com.

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