Volunteer Highlight: Kristen

Each month, we would like to highlight some of our docents and bring them to life for each of you. Our docent staff is made up of individuals from far and wide, of varying ages, and diverse backgrounds. We hope you might consider joining our team after learning more about us.First up- Kristen!

Name: Kristen D.


When did you begin volunteering?April 2015

What drew you to volunteer at the Hunter House? 

I took a tour of the house years ago and remembered it as being a very warm and friendly environment. My therapist recommended that I do some volunteer work and I remembered the Hunter House as a nice place to visit. I interviewed with Jackie and Margaret and felt very welcomed.

What is your favorite item in our collection?

I like Mrs. Hunter’s writing desk upstairs, with all of the items on the desk as well.

Coffee or Tea?

I’m a big tea drinker at the house, when I’m volunteering.

Favorite period television or movie drama, historic novel, or both.

I love Downton Abbey

Do you have a mantra or favorite quote?

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Name a hidden talent of yours.

I’m very good at organizing

What has been the highlight of your time as a volunteer with us?

Sharing my time and story with other volunteers, especially Jean, who passed away last year. I loved coming to hear her talk about her life. With her English accent, anything that came out of her mouth seemed precious. Getting to know all our volunteers and staff has been a joy.

Fill in the blank: When not at the museum, you can find me ________________



Thanks for sharing with us Kristen! If you would like to know more about joining our family of volunteers, call us at 623-9814 or shoot us an email at hhvm1894@gmail.com.

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