Own a Piece of the Hunter House!

It’s that time of year for spring cleaning- and we are really cleaning house around here! There comes a time in the life of any house that de-cluttering needs to occur. For an historic house museum like ours, that means taking the time to really think about our mission as an organization and how the ‘things’ on display and in storage further that mission.  After taking the time to craft our mission statement, we came up with the following:

“The Hunter House Victorian Museum is a non-profit historic house museum located in Norfolk, Virginia which seeks to educate the public in late nineteenth and early twentieth century decorative arts, culture, and the structure’s significance in Norfolk’s local history.”

With this mission in mind, our staff assessed the value of the items in our collection and each piece’s relevance in telling the story of the Hunter family and their home as it pertains to the Victorian Era. Lo and behold, we found some very interesting items tucked away in corners, in attic spaces, and in boxes that we didn’t even know existed.  After a series of discussions with our Board and amongst ourselves, we decided that you can bid to own small pieces of the Hunter House. All proceeds will benefit the continued restoration of the museum’s archive. Isn’t that exciting?!

So, we are going to be hosting a silent auction that will begin on May 3rd at 10 AM and end at 3:30 PM on May 7th, which will be the end of our Kentucky Derby event. Derby attendees will be given the opportunity to bid during the tea, but anyone may stop by to place their bids at that time as well.  During the week, items will be displayed throughout the museum with sheets for you to place your bid. During the Derby event, some items will be added to those that were on display throughout the week for the silent auction. Some of our items are too large to display inside of the house, so they will not be available for viewing until the Derby event itself. We still have spots for the Derby if you would like to sign up! Call us at 757-623-9814 to make reservations.

For now, here is a sneak peak of some of the items that will be available for sale. Please note that artwork, architectural, and larger decorative items are not pictured.


(From above and below: silver items only)


(From above: Excludes the tussie mussie holder)


(From above: Hypo items only)


(From Below: Don’t forget! We are accepting items for care packages for our deployed military. Why, you might ask? We are doing this in honor of the anniversary of the US entering WWI. Any contribution, monetary or otherwise, is welcome. In exchange, enjoy 10% off  in the museum shop. Be on the lookout for more WWI-related events throughout the rest of 2017.)


We hope to see you at our silent auction!

Note: Cash or check only will be accepted for the auction. You do not have to present at the end of the auction to win.


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